About Us

With Bodhisattva Travels you don’t just visit a collection of sites but gain a holistic travel experience which rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit. Together, we will follow in the footsteps that Buddha had once taken and along the way we will connect to the local communities and their cultural traditions on our heritage tours. Our captivating storytellers will guide you through the worlds of the Jataka tales and Bodhisattvas. Your guide will help you explore each site in a unique way that will enlighten you as to the significance of each selected site on your custom made journey from the plethora of options available to visit in India

Our tours take you to the places where once the Buddha himself roamed about and to precisely those places from whichBuddhism originated and attained its glory. On our marvelous heritage tour, you will come to find well preserved sites and locations linked to the Tathagata himself and his close disciples. These include two “World Heritage Sites” among other significant places of pilgrimage.

For those of you looking for a pilgrimage tour, we can offer you a serene package that has been tailored to your ritualistic requirements and expectations. We are equally adept at connecting you with the local communities and their traditions and heritage; if you are interested in a holistic travel experience. Our multilingual tour guides will do their best to make this journeythe most memorable journey of your life. Whatever your purpose for your visit or travel style may be- let us be your knowledgeable companion on your unforgettable journey.

We value the relationship between you and us – Our passion is to take you along the path that Buddha took, a path that changed the course of mankind!